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Unlocking the Power of Data with Microsoft Fabric: A Guide to Starting Your Free Trial

In the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics and business intelligence, staying ahead means leveraging the most advanced tools available. Microsoft Fabric emerges as a beacon for enterprises seeking to harness the full potential of their data.

As a proud Microsoft partner, we're excited to guide you through the process of starting your free trial with Microsoft Fabric, ensuring you can explore its vast capabilities firsthand.

Why Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric represents a significant leap forward, offering an all-encompassing analytics solution. From seamless data movement to sophisticated data science, real-time analytics, and comprehensive business intelligence, Fabric provides a unified platform to address all your data needs. What sets Fabric apart is its integration with Power BI, enhancing the analytics experience with advanced features and capabilities.

Starting Your Journey with Microsoft Fabric

Embarking on your Fabric trial is straightforward, whether you're an existing Power BI user or new to the ecosystem. Here's how:

For Existing Power BI Users

If you're already familiar with Power BI, you're one step ahead. Jump straight into the Fabric trial to unlock the additional features and experiences it offers.

New to Power BI?

No worries! The first step is to secure a Power BI license, which is effortlessly done by visiting the Fabric sign-up page. This initial step ensures you have access to the foundational tools necessary for your journey with Fabric.

Initiating the Fabric Trial

1 - Visit the Fabric Homepage: Navigate to the Fabric platform and access the Account Manager.

Microsoft Fabric - Initiating Fabric Trial Step 1

2 - Start Your Trial: Look for the "Start Trial" option. If it's not visible, it may be temporarily disabled for your organization.

Microsoft Fabric - Initiating Fabric Trial Step 2

3 - Agree to Terms: Follow the prompts, agree to the terms, and kick off your trial.

4 - Confirmation: Once set up, you'll receive a confirmation. Now, you're ready to dive into the Fabric experience.

5 - Monitor Your Trial: The Account Manager will help you keep an eye on your trial duration, ensuring you make the most out of your experience.

Microsoft Fabric - Initiating Fabric Trial Step 5

Tailoring the Experience

At Interloop, we understand the significance of data analytics in driving business success. Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to offer unique insights and support as you explore Fabric's capabilities. Whether you're looking to enhance your data analytics practices or explore new business intelligence horizons, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.


Microsoft Fabric offers a golden opportunity to elevate your data analytics capabilities. By starting your free trial today, you're not just accessing a powerful tool; you're opening the door to a future of data-driven decision-making and strategic insights. Dive in, explore, and let's harness the potential of your data together.


Interloop is a Microsoft ISV Partner at the forefront of helping organizations achieve more with their data. Leveraging the best in data technology, Interloop can help you get started with Microsoft Fabric.

Curious how your organization could benefit from using a tool like Fabric? Let’s loop you in. Book your intro call with our data experts today.

Looking to learn more? Join us for Microsoft Fabric: Bring Your Data Into The Era Of AI - a free webinar on March 7 at 11AM EST. Save your seat today.



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